First Custom

Quite a few days ago on a table not far away, I covered myself in paint.

Not really. Actually, I managed to paint in all black clothes and not spill one drop on them. Yeehaw!

Meanwhile in reality I actually covered a horse in paint.

Excuse my horrid image quality, it seems that my camera and the lighting were less than sub-par. But a horse!

If you remember, I had three of these little madams.

Schleich Tennessee Walker Mare(retired)

Arabella, Morse, and Dream(aka Imposter)

I think it was Dream that I painted. I know for sure it wasn’t Bella. Pretty sure it was Imposter. But they’re all beat up and pretty well loved so I can’t tell the difference.

But hey, the plain ol’ brown is now a piebald!

Here she is about halfway through…

And mostly finished!

This picture quality is driving me batty but it’s all I got for now.

She’s not entirely finished yet. Her mane needs touched up, more white markings added and also given a more rough edge to them. Then after I finish I’ll give her a semi-gloss clear-coat and she will watch over my schoolbooks for the rest of eternity.. or until I graduate. Then it’ll be college books, I guess. Then hey, maybe she’ll be a nice, pretty paperweight on a desk somewhere!

It was a first custom, so not all that great, but at least it was fun!

10/10 will do more customs.

Now, off to pick another horse from my giant box of horses to paint.



This is a chicken. It is not my chicken, but it is a good chicken. And yes, those tiny chickens do act just like that.

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