BIBPC 7 Category 2

I know, I know. Real stylish of me to come back from the dead(again) just to post for a photography contest. But what can I say, I can’t resist!

I had grand plans for this, like everything else. I imagined this picturesque image of a water droplet just falling into the water and making a splash. Or a perfectly done shot of my cat running across the image, her movement blurred until a perfectly sharp image or her, all four paws in air.

But let’s face it, if your thoughts involve ‘picturesque’ and ‘perfect’, it’s not gonna happen. You can get close, but nothing is perfect perfect. No matter how hard you try, you can’t force your cat to run one specific way. And without a lot of practice and a few sets of hands, trying to photograph a splash isn’t going to work out if you’re short on time. I only got a few ripples, and a lot of pictures that weren’t aimed right, since, go figure, my tripod was being used too.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, and those experimental images added splash and speed photography to my bucket lists of things to conquer, but on the last day to enter for a contest, it wasn’t going to happen.

So a new plan occurred, I’ll say it was God-given since I don’t know how else I would have remembered it.

Our family loves driving places and road trips. We go over the border into our neighboring state(maybe a 1 1/2 hour drive) all the time, our excuse being “We wanted to make sure it was still there.” Oftentimes we’re driving in the dark, and on the highway.

Oh look, another thing I love- taking pictures in darkness! It was a new challenge, and since this road trip was taken over a weekend, I had my trusty camera with me. The next hour was spent annoying my parents with the constant click, click, click of my camera shutter as I photographed everything. And I mean everything. From the sunset to streaky car lights to the speedometer to my dad’s beard.

Ah, the speedometer. That was my favorite part of it. Since the sun was long set, we had little light in the car save for my camera’s screen, and the lights on the speedometer. So here we are.

This week’s theme was fast, and here is my entry.

Huzzah! I now have a streak of submitting things on the last day of everything There it is!

I will post a disclaimer, first, I was in the backseat when I took this picture. I wasn’t driving and photographing, promise! Second, we were on a highway, like a big one. We weren’t going 72mph on some random back road! I’m not that irresponsible! Heh..



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