BIBPC 7 Category 7

It has been decided in the last thirty seconds, I call myself Pegasus because spotting a Pegasus is rare, kinda like seeing me writing a blog post. Have I been wanting to? Yes. Do I have a lot of things to write about? Yes. Is the list of things I’ve been wanting to write about so long and overwhelming that I run and hide every time I think of it? Definitely, yes.

It might be more that the passing of time is a thing, everybody knows that happens. But I could’ve sworn that yesterday was January third, not February eighteenth. Either way, I read the BIBPC categories and was too busy to edit and post photos. So here I finally am, on the last one. It’s better than never?

The theme was colorful, so here it is!

Currently watching a show and it’s late, so that’s about all I have.



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