Welcome Home Ballynoe!

For the past two weeks I’ve wanted to write about the fact that I FINALLY have a BreyerFest ticket.


I didn’t.

Until now!

Which is because…

*drumroll please*

Ballynoe Castle RM!

Honestly, I was super shocked when he arrived. I thought my adorable little pony horse wouldn’t ship until AFTER I spent $300 on models bought all my SRs, but I was wrong!

Now, what is the normal reaction to a large, unmarked box showing up with your name on it?

Mine was, “hm, that’s most certainly bigger than my paper..” I noticed it shipped from NJ but not where Breyer’s HQ is. So I went about my day and didn’t open it until this evening. And when I opened it…

Freak. OUT.

A large slew of *censored for language* went through my mind. HE’S HERE!

And then I spent the next hour and a half freaking out and shaking because screams He. Is. HERE!

Honestly Ballynoe wasn’t my biggest “I’m so excited” model for BF, but now that I have him in my hands he’s so heckin’ cute and I just- I love him! His pose, his detail, his freaking name- I love it!

Not to mention the mold- I love running molds!

Like this guy…

And an appy!

But I think at this point Ballynoe might have bumped BOTH Hakan and Brass Hat off the shelf of “Best Horses” Though they’re all amazing, I might just keep all three up there!

Yass boiiiii!

And the hoof detail!

The font. And I have a horse that says 2020 on it!!

Adorable little boy with an amazing mane and tail! More than happy to have this guy!

Long story short, Breyer and I have a very, very rocky relationship. We have good models, bad models, more bad models and some good ones again. But this one, unlike my CollectAs which will be revealed later, has definitely won my heart. Good job, Breyer!

Unofficially, he also has a new name. Where normally, I keep the name Breyer gave horses for a lack of creativity(Hakan, Lakota, Alba, Brookside, BH, etc…) this guy is getting his own special name, based off his nickname, Reggie. Once upon a time I knew a pony(yes, 14.2 exactly) by the nickname of Rooster, and though I was eternally his servant to shovel his stall out, he stole my heart(Beside him was a warmblood by the name of Bear, by the way) And off an entirely different track, my brother had at least five Reggie the Roosters, and so, I do believe his barn name is Rooster, his show name is… pending. I await for someone to remind me what that horse’s name was, please stand by.

Now off to see the rest of my first Breyerfest! I am super excited, even if it isn’t at the KHP this year! Who else decided to take the plunge and buy a ticket since it was virtual this year? It’s only Thursday and I don’t regret it yet!



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