The (Virtual!) Breyerfest Experience

As the day comes to a close, as does Virtual Breyerfest. The weekend seemed to fly by shockingly fast, I’m amazed!

Overall, it was a great weekend. I think everyone was having the same uh-oh moment as me Friday morning, when thousands of excited Breyer fans opened up the virtual venue and broke the site completely. I won’t lie, I did have a bit of a panic attack when I couldn’t access the two models I most wanted. But they fixed it and rather than fighting with the website, I was fighting with fellow collectors who snatched up the horses as fast as they were restocked.

Fortunately, ten o’clock this morning I did finally get the one model I wanted. I sat there for a good half hour spamming ctrl+R on my trusty old Chromebook until the restock, which actually happened the moment I walked with my computer into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. I turned my back to get the creamer out of the fridge, turned back around, and rather than the big “Out of Stock” I’d been staring at all morning, it had the price and the add to cart button. Immediately I flipped out and nearly dropped the creamer bottle, scrambling to add it to my cart and check out. Already once this weekend my brother and I tried to get this boy and missed by a matter of seconds, but this time I was prepared and snagged him!

Anxiously watching that cursed loading page, heart pounding so hard I was shaking, I watched in shock as the placing order page changed to a successful purchase, and no out of stock notice! At this point I was too happy, exhilarated and shocked to give much of a reaction besides cover my mouth and stare, then proceed to ‘calmly’ inform every single member of my family individually what happened. I already couldn’t wait for my two undisclosed special runs to arrive, now I can’t wait even more!

I’m waiting to reveal my Breyerfest purchases, both exclusive and some regular runs, until they arrive, but I will give a peek on one thing- I did buy this guy!

Glossy W.H. Topgun- I was hoping for a matte(doubtless they’ll be more collectible than glossies, due to frustrated buyers like me) I’m super excited for this boy in December, but at the same time, 99.3% sure I’ll forget I bought him in a month or two and yet again will be like “hey, what’s this strange unmarked box?” in 5> months.

All in all my week was very fun, I watched some workshops on Friday as well as the evening show, and participated in the youth showing clinic on Saturday. Today(Sunday) I didn’t do anything besides buy some much needed wanted products, to be revealed later! I was a little disappointed at how hard it was to get my store specials, but honestly since I didn’t have to pay for plane tickets, hotels, hospital bills for a heat stroke and all that, it was just fine!

A bit of a boring post, but more exciting things coming!



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