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Finding New Realms(er, backgrounds)

I have done a lot of things in regards to backgrounds and scenery for my models. Usually, they worked.. Until I realized they didn't. Go figure. In review: I started with pictures outside, in tall grass, on rocks, on trees, anything I could. The realism is greatly lacking though. Unless we be walking across a… Continue reading Finding New Realms(er, backgrounds)


BIBPC 7 Category 2

I know, I know. Real stylish of me to come back from the dead(again) just to post for a photography contest. But what can I say, I can't resist! I had grand plans for this, like everything else. I imagined this picturesque image of a water droplet just falling into the water and making a… Continue reading BIBPC 7 Category 2


Photography Challenge, Day Two- Family(Model Horse Warfare?)

Today I failed to prioritize taking a picture, so again it was an indoor shot. Model Horse Warfare It was supposed to be "Family," but there is no way I'm managing to get a good shot of my family, since they're always moving about. Even then, I don't think they'd consent to being posted on… Continue reading Photography Challenge, Day Two- Family(Model Horse Warfare?)