A Wild Flerken Appears!

I caught this picture of my cat yawning before we went to see Captain Marvel. Then I'm like, "Nitro is now Goose!" So I pulled out my trusty Gimp, and two stock photos. And wallah! It's not the best, but hey, my cat's a flerken. Now to go back to working on Photoshop skills. Later! … Continue reading A Wild Flerken Appears!


The Message

...Well oops. I fell behind a bit on the photography challenge, but should have all those photos up sometime.. Soonish. Creating a new Skyrim save was taking precedence over uploading pictures. So yeah. I was supposed to post this like, a long time ago, but I hadn't quite completed writing it and didn't remember until … Continue reading The Message

Photography Challenge, Day Two- Family(Model Horse Warfare?)

Today I failed to prioritize taking a picture, so again it was an indoor shot. Model Horse Warfare It was supposed to be "Family," but there is no way I'm managing to get a good shot of my family, since they're always moving about. Even then, I don't think they'd consent to being posted on … Continue reading Photography Challenge, Day Two- Family(Model Horse Warfare?)